Youth loan: are there real solutions at reasonable rates?


The conditions for obtaining a credit do not favor young people on average, and even less students. Better to be on a permanent contract to get an agreement. We will see how to apply for a youth loan, and the conditions to meet to hope for an agreement.

Credit for young active in CDI

Credit for young active in CDI

Quite objectively, to get credit, being young is not an advantage. Indeed, credit organizations and banks apply a set of rules to grant or not credit. Under 18, nothing is possible. Between 18 and 30, the rule is not binary. However, we find that most organizations very rarely accept applications for credit for young people under the age of 21.

Between the ages of 21 and 30, there is no refusal rule. But it is the acceptance score that takes over. The credit score is the assessment of the risk of non-payment of a request. However, age weighs heavily. A credit for young people under 30 is 3 times more likely to be refused. Age becomes unfavorable after 60, as we demonstrated in our survey on retirement credit.

To make your credit more likely to be accepted, it is better to apply for a CDI credit. In fact, the credit for young people on fixed-term or temporary contracts no longer exists.

Getting a good youth loan rate

Getting a good youth loan rate

We are not dealing here with the student loan, a relatively state-assisted loan.

Consumer credit for young people

When you are young, you have so many projects to carry out. It’s time to buy a car, go on a trip, invest in the creation of a company… Most of the credits for young people are in the following forms:

  • Type of loan: Car loan – Work loan – Personal loan
  • Amount: $ 500 – $ 40,000
  • Duration: 12 months – 72 months

To get the best youth credit rate, you have to go around the market. But not only. You have to know which organization is really ready to give credit to a young person. There is no point in knowing where is the best rate if it is to result in a denied credit.

It is on this principle that we built our credit comparator. it not only proposes the classification of the best rates but it also gives an answer of principle immediately. Indeed, we are connected to all the major credit organizations. Once the application for young credit has been registered, we automatically send the file to the least expensive organization and displays the principle response or the evaluation. And if that doesn’t work, just click on the organization ranked second.

We also occasionally offer promotional loan offers for young workers from our partners. This is for example the case with the Society general young workers loan.

Home loan for young people

The principle is exactly the same as for consumer credit. Getting a loan for young people was not easy with a small loan, it would not be easier with a mortgage. A mortgage loan application for young workers will involve at least:

  • be on permanent contract for 2 years
  • income of at least 1,500 USD
  • generally, guarantors or a contribution

To get the best mortgage loan for young people under 30, our comparator works the same way. It also includes the largest national brokers. The answer is not given in real time, we call the eligible files directly.


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