Ukraine crisis: how you can help, from donating money and clothes to hosting refugees


The Evening Standard has launched its appeal to come to the aid of the thousands of people fleeing the fighting in Ukraine.

Your donations will go to charities on the ground, supporting refugees on the border and providing humanitarian aid to those sheltering in cities like Kyiv.

Every donation will make a difference, and that’s just one of the ways those of us here in London can help the people of Ukraine as they flee war in their beloved home country.

Across the capital, charities and organizations are mobilizing to bring vital funds, supplies and shelter to those in need as quickly as possible – and they are appealing for donations.

From charity raves set up in the wake of the crisis to pubs, clubs and event spaces accepting clothing donations, here are some of the most meaningful ways to help.

To give money

Charities helping Ukrainian refugees need money, fast. If you can afford it, the British Red Cross, Choose Love, Project Hope, Unicef, APKMUK and the International Rescue Committee are among the NGOs receiving donations for their emergency crisis appeals .

Donate here: Please donate what you can to the Evening Standard Ukraine Appeal

/ ES

Here in London, the UK’s Ukrainian Embassy has set up its own donation service, With Ukraine, while Polish Humanitarian Action is providing hygiene products, food and blankets to those who need it at the Ukrainian-Polish border.

On the ground in Kyiv, Ukrainian NGO Come Back Alive is urging people to donate to help support democracy in their country, while nonprofit Nova Ukraine is helping to provide humanitarian aid.

Journalist Chris York, a former HuffPost editor, is currently in Warsaw collecting as many phone chargers and gas heaters as possible. “Hi guys. Yarina and I just crossed the border from Ukraine to Poland,” he wrote on his GoFundMe page, which collects donations to support Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland.

“It was a really tough two days but there are now even more people waiting to cross and the conditions are only getting worse. There are currently queues made up of mostly women, children and people that stretch for 40 km. Temperatures are around -5°C at night, there are no toilets and there is not enough food or water for everyone. are driven all over Poland, so we created this page to help those who end up near Warsaw, where we are currently located.They only arrive with what they can carry and therefore need a lot of help. ‘aid.

“We’re also looking at other ways to help, so we’ll be updating this page over the next few days.” You can donate to his fundraiser here.

The Ukrainian Institute in London has a roundup of support methods here, and has a brilliant list of verified fundraisers here.

Attend a fundraising event

R3 sound system

Tonight at 7.30pm, Melody Whiskey Bar in Hammersmith is hosting a whiskey-themed fundraising event with an auction, raffle and lots of drams – tickets are at least £20 if you join on Zoom and £65 if you participate in person. Every penny raised will go directly to Marcin Schilling, a Londoner living in Poland who provides Ukrainian refugees with food, clothing and other essentials.

Meanwhile, spin studio Psycle is hosting 45-minute ‘Ride for Ukraine’ charity classes at 7.30pm across all of its London outposts tomorrow and in a few weeks some of London’s biggest names will be hosting this rave of fundraiser for Ukraine at Venue MOT in Peckham on March 11.

There will be nine hours of consecutive music in two venues and Resident Advisor will donate 100% of the booking fee to the Ukrainian ER.

Write to your MP

The Prime Minister has now relaxed visa requirements to allow immediate family members to join Ukrainians settled in the UK, but more needs to be done.

Campaign groups are encouraging British citizens to email their MP urging them to support Ukraine and push for more sanctions. Here you will find the contact details of your MPs.

It takes less than ten minutes.

Demonstration for peace

London Euromaidan

Follow Ukraine Solidarity Campaign and Euromaidan London on Facebook for more details on upcoming protests in relation to Ukraine. The Stand With Ukraine protest takes place in Trafalgar Square at 6 p.m. tonight.

The Ukrainian Institute in London offers ready-made posters and leaflets which you can print here.

Donate clothing, toiletries and basic necessities

Town halls, pubs and countless organizations across London are collecting donations to support those stranded or fleeing Ukraine. The White Eagle Club on Balham High Road is one of those receiving donations of clean clothes, bedding, sleeping bags, sanitary ware and new shoes for refugees arriving in Poland. Volunteers say they have been delighted with the response, with trucks full of donations already delivered since the appeal was launched on Sunday.

In East London, Lewisham Polish Center is attractive for items such as soups in cups, children’s juice cartons, disposable dishes, cutlery, diapers, wet wipes, paper towels and toilet paper.

Organizers are currently asking people to keep their donations for the time being as the center is full, but hope to resume shortly – in the meantime please donate some money if you can to help with transport.

Lewisham Polish Center

Meanwhile, Glow Bar on Mortimer Street in Soho collects items for pregnant women in Ukraine: think nappies, formula, new breast pumps, baby clothes, bottles, sterilisers and baby painkillers like Calpol. A van will be leaving with all the items this weekend, so come between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. today or tomorrow to drop them off.

Natural menstrual care brand Freda allows customers to purchase and donate sanitary pads at cost to displaced Ukrainian women. You can do it here.

Offer to welcome refugees

Airbnb has pledged to provide free housing to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees (over 500,000 have already fled the country since the invasion began).

Many more will need housing. is accepting registrations from people around the world who have a spare room to host refugees – just click “I can help” on their website and fill out the form – and other hosting charities should call on volunteers as the crisis unfolds.

Eat out to help

Eat at the restaurant to help, this time in favor of Ukraine. Thanks to a new #CookForUkraine campaign led by food-fluencer royalty Clerkenwell Boy, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels to add voluntary donations of £1, £2 or £5 to the bill throughout March – Casa Do Frango, Kricket, Wild by Tart, Petersham Nurseries, Manteca, La Rampa, Homeslice and Fallow have already signed up.

Other restaurants help with special dishes. The Big Mamma Group, which handles Italians including Ave Mario, serves Ukrainian salo served with a shot of vodka, and Club Mexicana also offers a main course.

Elsewhere, Dark Arts Coffee certainly isn’t playing cool with their sentiments: its new cafe subtly named ‘RUSSIAN WARSHIP GO F*CK YOURSELF’ – yes, capitals are part of it – is priced at £10, £20, £50 or £100 per box (the choice is up to the buyer), with 100% of every sale helping those fleeing Ukraine.

For the first time in four decades, Kensington’s beloved Il Portico is putting Chicken Kiev on the menu (it’s called Chicken Kyiv), with £5 of the £15 price tag going to Ukraine, while Rebecca Mascarenhas and the Two-star chef Phil Howard are hosting dinner parties on March 14 at Elystan Street, Church Road, Kitchen W8, Home SW15 and Flour + Water as a fundraiser, with more details confirmed shortly.

Follow the connoisseurs

Journalist Tom Mutch (left) and his team on the eve of the start of the war in Ukraine

/ Tom Mutch

Many British and Ukrainian correspondents in Kyiv shared helpful “how to support” updates on Twitter. Here’s a list of some of the most reliable sources to follow, from the BBC’s Sarah Rainsford to freelance conflict reporter Tom Mutch, who wrote this report in today’s Evening Standard on what it’s like to Kyiv on the ground.

Elsewhere, Ukrainian chef and organizer of #CookForUkraine Olia Hercules shares practical information and donation links on its Twitter account, and The Kyiv Independent is one of the most trusted English-language news outlets on the ground. He describes himself as the “true and independent voice of Ukraine”.

Sign a petition

There’s a lot going on at the local level, but lending a hand can also include pressuring leaders to bring about change. Petitions supporting Ukraine include this parliamentary one on pledging all necessary military support to defend Ukraine, The Independent’s petition titled Refugees Welcome and another challenging the UK government to help Ukrainian refugees.

Meanwhile, more than 150,000 people have signed a Freedom from Torture petition for the UK government to scrap Term 11 of the Nationality and Borders Bill, which will severely punish Ukrainian refugees. On Monday, peers in the House of Lords voted to scrap section 11, and the bill will now return to the House of Commons.

Among’s other most popular petitions in the UK are this one calling on the government to expand its emergency visa scheme, and this one to ensure safe passage for Ukrainian refugees includes really everyone, after reports that people of color have been discriminated against. at the borders.

On the world stage, this open petition calls on NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine, and there is another open letter from AVAAZ titled Stop This War. also includes contacts and sample letters for over 30 countries. has a helpful list of global petitions here.

For more suggestions on how Londoners can help the people of Ukraine, please email [email protected]


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