Trbojevic will go alcohol-free in 2022


Dally M medalist Tom Trbojevic will abstain from alcohol for another season in the NRL after reaping the benefits during his astonishing 2021.

After an infamous pre-season run on the Manly Corso against a punter named Harry last year, the Sea Eagles full-back decided to ban alcohol and went on to produce one of the great individual campaigns.

It was an easy call for the 25-year-old to dry himself again as he aimed to replicate his stunning form.

“I’ll go all season,” Trbojevic said at the NRL’s base season kick-off on Thursday.

“You feel a lot better about yourself. Your body feels better, you recover faster, all that stuff. It really helps and I’m going to lock myself up again.

“I decided to do it last year. I didn’t know what the result would be (was going to be), but I guess the way I got through the year and played on the right foot, that made me helped physically and now mentally.

“It’s something I have to do to be the best football player I can be. It’s not like it’s something difficult. I like playing football and I want to be the best player football I can be and the best football player for Manly.

“I’m not trying to force anyone too much. Everyone is doing their own thing and have to prepare individually to be (at their best) performing.”

Trbojevic will have to be almost superhuman to top his performances from last season.

He scored 28 tries in 18 NRL games to take Manly to the preliminary final, won the Wally Lewis Medal as the man in the series in NSW’s State of Origin triumph and was emphatically crowned the best player of the game.

Scary for opponents, it strives to reach another level.

“You always have to find ways to keep improving and ultimately you want to be successful in team play. We still have steps to take in that direction,” he said.

The Sea Eagles were treated to an hour-long lecture this week from Irishman John Kavanagh, the famed mixed martial arts trainer whose students include former two-time UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor .

“It was quite a surreal experience,” Trbojevic said.

“I can’t say I’m the biggest UFC or MMA fan, but I obviously know who Conor McGregor is and what he’s done in the sport.

“Having his trainer talk to us about how he prepares to fight was pretty cool.

“He talked a lot about how he prepares his athletes. They have like 12-week training camps… There were certainly similarities like how we train in pre-season to prepare for the first tower.”


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