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Mr. Rida – The 1 who saved the game

Emerging with a hot new sound in his brand new album, rising artist and rapper Mr. Rida is set to release his music and become famous in the music industry.

PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, Oct. 6, 2021 / – Up and coming artist Mr. Rida is a phenomenal force in the music world, especially in the ever-growing Hip Hop genre. evolve and grow as time goes by. With the release of his brand new album titled “The 1 That Saved The Game” in 2019, the artist is eager to win the hearts of music lovers around the world and grow his fan base.

By releasing the album 2 years ago, the artist is back with a fresh take on music. Having grown tremendously as an artist over the past two years, Mr. Rida is back to prove himself in the music world and succeed in the industry. He is ready to make 2021 a productive year in terms of his career and finish at the top. His latest album ‘The 1 That Saved The Game’ is one of his best tracks to date. Working alone on the entire album, the talented artist dedicated years of his life to making this album. Perfecting every song to the best of his ability and polishing every beat to make the end product sound amazing, Mr. Rida made sure to fully incorporate his years of musical experience into the music. The album was put together in such a way that all the songs sounded completely different and unique, but the album flowed masterfully back and forth. This ability to adapt his sound to many categories of music sets Mr. Rida apart from other similar artists.

The album, available on all major digital music platforms, consists of a total of 16 tracks. The single titled “The 1 That Saved The Game”, which is also part of the album, was uploaded to YouTube with a music video on December 27, 2019. Other tracks on the album include “Damn” , “Where I Come From”, “Return of da Reaperz”, “Portland Bounce”, “All The Chips”, and many more. What makes this album so immensely unique and creative is its ability to invoke different emotions in different people. He included a little something in the album for almost all age groups, including “Radio Side” and “Street Side,” which were added to make it easier for listeners.

Meet Mr. Rida


Mr. Rida is a leading artist and producer of the “Great Northwest” straight out of northeast Portland, Oregon, the home of the Trailblazers, a largely unrecognized and underrated music scene, and the best chronicle of the planet.

He’s been in the game for 20 years and has imbibed a lot with many different people, places and experiences that have helped him polish and perfect the sound of his craft.

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The “1” who saved the game – Mr. Rida


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