The new “It” boy is here, and he’s wearing dangling earrings and makeup


Styles launched her skincare and nail polish brand Pleasing in November. With pearlescent nail polishes and skin and lip serums, he was greeted with universal enthusiasm. Kelly launched genderless nail brand UN/DN LAQR last month, featuring polishes in pink, lilac and aqua, hand-patterned with long nails. “This [these men] having explicitly asexual cutie marks reflects trends happening in fashion and, of course, capitalism,” Rosewarne says.

Pete Davidson (pictured left at the Met Gala) is dating Kim Kardashian.Credit:AP/Getty

We are a long way from the days of the two-in-one gel and Lynx shaving foam. Or as a twitter user put it, “Remember when we used ‘Metrosexual’ because we had to distinguish that there are straight cis men showering?”

“The term ‘metrosexual’ was, for a brief period, used to describe things like men’s sculpted facial hair and an interest in fashion,” Rosewarne explains.

“Most uses of the word metrosexual did not refer to politics or social change or, indeed, anything to do with gender,” Rosewarne continues, “But rather, were more simplistic, focusing on men’s interest in their appearance – something that has been disproportionately associated with women.

While the other cultural moment of young men dating powerful and beautiful women isn’t exactly new, what is new is that this type of guy (younger with little to prove, and far from ‘stereotypical masculine ideal) had the pure gaze of such a woman turned squarely towards them.

These women are sex symbols. Kardashian and Fox in particular have built their marks on their looks. Wilde recently posed nude to promote her partnership with a new skincare line.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde.Credit:Getty

All three not only have fledgling careers, but also children. And they each have an older ex-husband who fits the definition of traditional masculinity. Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West, known as much for his fashion design as his music, and who once styled his new girlfriend, Julia Fox, in the clothes he chose for her, popped a day on a plane to Paris because he didn’t like his wife’s outfit at the time and wanted to give it a makeover. Jason Sudeikis, Wilde’s ex, famous wore a hoodie to accept his Golden Globe during lockdown for his role in Ted Lasso, a wholesome comedy about a men’s soccer team in which he sports a mustache without irony. Before Sudeikis, Wilde was married to an Italian prince. And Fox said The Washington Post that having a son with older actor Brian Austin Green at the age of 26 helped her find a purpose outside of what she described as “the horrible, patriarchal, misogynistic hell that was Hollywood at the time.

So what’s going on? Is it the pandemic? That we should eat, drink and hang out with heavily tattooed boys because tomorrow we die? Or is accepting gender-nonconforming roles not limited to Gen Z?

Perhaps these women, who have accumulated significant amounts of wealth and power throughout their careers, women who have effectively outdone their former spouses, already understand firsthand what it means to no longer conform to the standards. traditional genre?


And after staring at the barrel of the burning male gaze for so long, did they get tired of it? Perhaps the scrutiny they’ve faced for decades has given them a type of fearlessness that might appeal to these men.

Wilde met Styles after casting him in his next film, don’t worry darling. Before they were officially an article, she expressed her reasons in the United States vogue.

“[Harry’s] very modern, and I hope that this mark of confidence as a male that Harry has – truly devoid of any trace of toxic masculinity – is indicative of his generation and therefore of the future of the world.

As far as celebrity trends go, this one might be a keeper.

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