The best games of 2022 for Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch and mobile


Nintendo Switch Sports
The exuberant hilarity of fidgeting around the living room and swinging game controllers around like a tennis racket makes a most welcome return. Old favorites bowling and tennis remain family favourites, while the tense back-and-forth of badminton and more involving football are the pick of the new group. Six Sports is a tad stingy, perhaps, but made up for by the charm, execution, and laughter of the family members as they crash to the couch during a particularly intense rally.

OlliOlli World
OlliOlli has come a long way since its mobile debut as an addictive one-finger skate simulator, but it’s never lost its charm and attitude. With a candy-coated overworld, more complex controls, and a smattering of stories, you might worry about it collapsing when it oversteps its bounds. Not even a little; nail the landing with trick-packed races through tight, cleverly designed levels.

Who would have guessed that one of the best examples of interactive storytelling of the year would be found in a simple moving puzzle game? The charming art style and more sophisticated gameplay exude a certain charm, but it’s the glimpse of a life lived through the possessions we keep and the spaces we store them in that really resonated.

Diablo Immortal
Blizzard’s adventure in mobile gaming proved to be more than an appetizer to delight fans until the delayed release of Diablo 4; Immortal was more like a fully formed multiplayer loot RPG experience that you could play on your phone. Thirsty micro-transactions soured the playing field somewhat, but it’s still a great game to play on the go.

PowerWash Simulator
An unlikely success thanks to its inclusion on Xbox’s Game Pass service, PowerWash Simulator took the concept of hard work to new levels. The irony of spending hours cleaning up virtual living spaces while neglecting their real spaces hasn’t been lost on many, but the game’s hypnotic appeal has proven hard to resist.

Netflix’s mobile game offering has slipped under the radar so far, most subscribers don’t even realize it exists. The dangerously addictive one-finger puzzler Poinpy is too good to ignore, though. Developed by Downwell creator Ojiro Fumoto, it’s easy to pick up but nearly impossible to put down.

Cyberpunk 2077
CD Projekt Red’s much-hyped but ill-fated sequel to the Witcher series will be rightly remembered for being one of the most disastrous video game launches of all time. The Polish studio has worked hard over the next 18 months to fix many of its mistakes, and the next-gen version released this year shows what could have been. Sure, some flaws remain, but there’s an engrossing first-person RPG here that deserves a second chance.


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