The 25 most stylish musicians of the moment: Lil Nas X, Lizzo, BTS and many more


“If you really want to entertain an audience,” David Bowie told an interviewer in 1976, “you have to look the part.” And from mops by the Beatles to leather jackets by the Ramones to Adidas by Run-DMC, the look of the music has been just as impactful as the sound. That’s never been truer than today, when trend setters like Beyoncé or A$AP Rocky or Doja Cat can create huge viral moments that instantly reshape the zeitgeist. As a result, fashion has become one of music’s fastest growing revenue centers – whether that means artists striking major deals with established brands (like BTS did when they became Louis Vuitton ambassadors) or rushing into the boardroom with their own innovative lines (like Rihanna’s Fenty and Kanye West’s Yeezy).

that’s why rolling stone will increase its fashion coverage in the years to come, starting with this ranking of the 25 hottest musicians of the moment, voted on by a select group of journalists, designers and industry insiders. In making the list, we’ve focused on artists that are both conceptually cool and culturally significant – from Lil Nas X inventing his own universe of queer country to Lizzo redefining plus size for women everywhere. They don’t just turn heads, they make history, and rolling stone will be there to capture it.

Our carefully selected voters, spanning media, commerce and entertainment, were asked to submit ranked ballots listing their choices for the 20 most stylish musicians currently active. The votes were tallied, with the highest ranked musician from each list receiving 250 points, the second 240 points, and so on up to 60 points for number 20. Over 113 musicians received at least one vote, and to the end 25 have been ranked in this inaugural package.

Aquariums Drag performer, DJ and model; Zerina Akers Award-winning costume designer and stylist; Ella Emhof Artist, fashion designer and model; Jared Eng Stylist and Founder of Just Jared; Harry Fisher Purchasing and Sales Manager; Evan Ross Katz Writer, fashion columnist and podcast host; Stone Ash Lee Photographer, director and editor of Burdock; Bruce Pask director of menswear at Bergdorf Goodman; Bretman’s Rock Fashion, beauty and comedy personality; Olivier Rousteing Fashion designer and creative director of Balmain; Turner Stylist; Recho Omondi fashion designer and podcaster; Bobby Wesley Image consultant


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