Sustained activity for mbira musicians

Muteura Talent

SOME mbira musicians said they found a niche market, playing their music at private functions to appease tempers.

The new trend of soothing the spirits in a fashionable way is said to have brought good business for the expressed appreciation. He said they were hired for private ceremonies.

Mbira DzeVambire singer Talent “Mukanya” Muteura said NewsDay Life & Style that many clients were seeking their services to perform at private ceremonies and that they were logging good business.

“Over the past three years, we have managed to play many private functions almost every weekend, in all provinces of the country,” he said.

“The whole month of April, we were full, for private receptions. More people now seem to appreciate mbira and our culture unlike previous years.

Mbira music originated in the Southern African region, Mozambique in particular, and spread to Zimbabwe where it took root and was played exclusively with hosho (a pair of gourds with seeds inside ), for thousands of years. Music was mainly played during spiritual ceremonies to appease the spirits of deceased relatives and ancestors. But over the years mbira music has been modernized and merged with other instruments such as guitars and drums and is now mostly played for entertainment.

Formed in 2010, Mbira DzeVambire is an eight-member group that has composed several songs and hopes to release an album soon.

“Due to pressure from our fans, this year we plan to release our first album,” he said.

Muteura, with dreadlocks, said his passion for music came after he graduated from high school. He said that although he learned to play the instrument, it was the legendary Garikai Tirikoti who helped him refine and hone his skills.

Muteura, who is the band’s lead vocalist and bassist who is also good with the mbira, sees the future adoption of mbira music and the instrument increasing due to the promotion of indigenous instruments under the new music program. education of the country.

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