Sifu Update 1.06 Patch Notes For February 15th


Game developers, Sloclap, have revealed patch notes for the upcoming 1.06 update on the new Sifu today, February 15. The studio called the changes a “small update” and, on the face of it, they focus on improving the design, code, and art/lighting in the action game.

Sifu is a beat’em up action game, playable from a third person perspective, with the term “sifu” meaning “master” in Cantonese. The game was inspired by Pak Mei kung fu and includes over 150 different attacks. Kung’s funny films with Jackie Chan, we are also a great inspiration in the development of Sifuespecially those where Chan must single-handedly defeat multiple enemies.

The plot takes place in China and features five martial artists consisting of “The Botanist”, Sean “The Fighter”, Kuroki “The Artist”, Jinfeng “The CEO”, and Yang “The Leader”. The story begins with the group of five attacking a martial arts school, slaughtering all the students. The leader of the group demands information from the school sifu, who refuses and is killed. The game follows the sifu child who died eight years after the school attack as he seeks revenge against the group of martial artists. In Sifuplayers must hunt down each of the five martial artists and kill them.

The new game received a range of “generally favorable” to “mixed or average” reviews on Metacritic. Sifu currently holds scores of 78/100 on PC, 71/100 and PS4, and 80/100 on PS5.

Check out the full patch notes for the upcoming 1.06 update at Sifu today February 15.

Sifu Update 1.06 Patch Notes For February 15th

Sifu Update 1.06 Patch Notes For February 15th

• Polish and debugging. Small adjustments to the second level
• Bug fixes for second (Sean) and third (Kuroki) bosses

• Global optimizations
• Crash fixes.

Art and lighting:
• Performance improvements at all levels
• Polishing and debugging

Sloclap is previously known for developing the fighting game absolve in 2017. Sifu the studio moved away from multiplayer and focused on gameplay development.

In beat’em up action game, Sifu is currently available to play on PS4, PS5, and PC.


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