Sifu: PS5 game reviews, PS4 and PC release date, Metacritic score, gameplay, price – will it come to Xbox?


The game’s developers – who previously worked on Absolver – have confirmed that the game is a timed PlayStation exclusive on reddit

Players are used to hitting “continue” after seeing a game on screen, picking up where they left off, just before their on-screen character met an untimely demise.

But the new Sifu game does something slightly different with the concept.

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Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Sifu?

Sifu is a beat ’em up action-adventure game developed by French studio Sloclap, which previously worked on the martial arts-themed action-RPG Absolver in 2017.

In it, you play as a kung fu student to fulfill a lifelong vendetta: hunt down and defeat the five assassins who brutally murdered your family.

Set in a modern Chinese city and mostly grounded in reality, the game world is one where the magic exists.

Each time you die, your character is brought back from the dead, thanks to a magical talisman that revives them whenever they suffer a mortal wound.

However, the twist here is that each time your character is revived, they age several years, a regular aging process on failure that has two major implications.

For one, some character stats improve as your character becomes more shrunken, more experienced in combat and dealing with the dangers of the world.

But conversely, other stats may decline, reflecting an aging body that may not be as agile or energetic as it once was.

For example, as the player character ages, their strikes might become more powerful, but they will have less health.

(Image: Sloclap)

What does the game look like?

Combat is the name of the game here, and Sifu is inspired by Pak Mei kung fu and features over 150 unique attacks.

These attacks can all be grouped into impressive combos, and the game allows players to take advantage of the environment to improvise new attacks and change their strategy against stronger opponents.

Of course, pacifists will be happy to hear that on occasion, the player may be presented with dialogue options that can allow them to avoid combat altogether depending on their choice of words.

A word of warning for newcomers: the game’s developers said that Sifu was designed to be challenging, as they believed players would lack a sense of mastery if the experience was too easy.

Is he good?

Reviews for the game have been rolling in for several days now, giving potential players a taste of what to expect when Sifu releases.

According to Metacritic – a website that aggregates ratings from critics to find an average rating – Sifu has received “generally favorable” reviews and, at the time of writing, commands a score of 81 for the PS5 version.

IGN called the game “completely uncompromising in its design”, praising the narrative, combat, environments, and AI, while Destructoid called it a “constant battle” and “intensely rewarding”, concluding that ” Sifu is a challenge worth taking up and overcoming.

GameSpot praised the game’s combat, stating that it was impactful, and also praised the inventive aging mechanic and lack of a repetitive feel due to dynamic combat.

When can I play it?

Sifu will be released on Tuesday, January 8, 2022.

It will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, and will also be available for PC gamers.

Sifu was originally slated for release in 2021, but was delayed to this year to further polish the game and avoid overburdening the development team.

How much does it cost?

The standard edition of the game costs £32.99, while the deluxe edition – which grants players 48 hours of early access – is available for £39.99,

Will Sifu be coming to Xbox?

Although it’s a game exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation consoles, Sifu could one day make the jump to Microsoft’s Xbox machines.

When asked if the game will be coming to Xbox platforms on reddit, the developers responded by confirming that Sifu is a “timed exclusive”.

This means that although the game is exclusive to PlayStation, this exclusivity only applies for an agreed time, after which the game is free to release on other platforms.

Whether that will actually happen remains to be seen, but given the game’s early success, it would make sense to bring Sifu to more players in the future.

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