‘Scariest Man Alive’ Tells Iranian Hulk To Put On ‘Big Boy Pants’ As He Goes To Pound Him


Martyn Ford, ‘the scariest man alive’, has pledged to put on a show for his fans as he pounded ‘Iranian Hulk’ in their heavyweight boxing clash – and urged his rival to put on his ‘pants big boy” first.

Ford, 39, will meet Sajad Gharibi at the O2 Arena on April 2, in what has been dubbed “the world’s heaviest heavyweight fight.”

Neither Ford nor Gharibi, 30, has experience in the boxing ring, but the British bodybuilder has extensive training in mixed martial arts – and has previously been signed with Polish-MMA promotion KSW.

His cinematic exploits and role as a social media influencer have already made him a recognizable global star, but now Ford is looking to add to his career repertoire with fight fights, and in an interview with the daily starpredicted a difficult night for the man from Iran.

“I think the opportunity will overwhelm him,” Ford said.

Martyn Ford prepares for his boxing match with Sajad Gharibi

“If I had to make a prediction he’s going to come out charging, hands up, try to force me into a corner and start swinging which is pretty simple, a game plan against that isn’t rocket science .

“I don’t see this guy as coming here and having a set plan that he’s able to stick to. And even if he does, I really don’t think he works as hard as I do. I don’t think not that it’ You will have mobility, power, movement.

“It really is an absolute no contest and purely a fair fight to shut him up to be honest.”

However, Ford isn’t heading to London just to pick up a win. A former Warwickshire academy-level cricketer, he says his experience in elite sport motivates him to put on a display that viewers inside and outside the arena can praise.

“If I tried to master it, it would feel like a very disjointed, ugly, almost predictable fight,” he said.

“For me, as a sportsman and someone who’s pretty determined and focused, and OCD about certain things, I want to put on a show where people can appreciate that I worked for it.

Ford regularly posts about his extreme training regimen - and diet - on social media
Ford regularly posts about his extreme training regimen – and diet – on social media

“I can prove I know what I’m doing. Show them I can use the jab, move around and get the footwork going.”

Ford admits he changed his nutrition plan from a high protein and fat intake to a more carb-based diet, but he still consumes between 5,500 and 7,000 calories a day to maintain his frame of weight. 23 stones.

At seven feet tall, he will have a clear height advantage but will give Gharibi more than five stone.

Like Ford, the Iranian has uploaded photos and videos of himself training on social media, but a recent post of him wrestling and battling four men using a combination of boxing and clinch went viral. eventually backfired when online fans trashed his questionable technique.

When asked if he had analyzed the videos, an amused Ford replied, “To be honest, what’s there to analyze?

“It’s a bit of a mockery and an embarrassment in some aspects [the fight]. I can only fight what is in front of me.

“He’s either a complete genius or a complete jerk and 95% of me continues on that last point. It’s out of the question that in a million years anyone is preparing for a fight like this.

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“Iranian Hulk” Gharibi weighs more than 28 stones

“So either he’s just posting content to try and trick me into claiming he’s not training properly, or he sincerely believes the way forward is to get hit around the stomach with a piece of wood. .

“It makes absolutely no difference to me anyway. If you were to fight him, I’d put money on you. He’s not someone that intimidates me in the slightest.”

The posting had left some fans wondering if the clash would go ahead, but Ford reiterated that everything was signed and sealed for the Boxstar Celebrity Boxing-promoted event.

“As long as he puts his big boy pants on and flies over, it happens,” he added.

For Ford, however, the occasion is not meant to be unique. He sees April 2 as a potential springboard for future high profile fights and relishes “an incredible opportunity.”

He continued, “I can step in the door and show people it’s serious.

“We’ll see what happens next, whether it’s fighting someone in the next level boxing ring or an MMA fight.”

And for now at least, he doesn’t seem to miss the idea of ​​throwing monumental weights.

“Training is going well. I transitioned from lifting weights and trying to look sexy in the mirror to being functional again, which is awesome.

“After 15 to 20 years, I realized I was never going to look sexy, so I might as well do something that’s going to be beneficial.

“I feel like I’m 21 again and I have a second opportunity to do something in the sport.”


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