Risks and rewards with BackStage Music


When I was growing up, there were about 22 kids on our little street, and we liked to put on shows. The best was called
The geniusand you guessed it, I was Dorothy! We made our own Tin Woman, Lion, Scarecrow and Munchkin costumes from trash bags, leftover fabrics and family wardrobe items and created a musical based on the pop music we loved to listen to . The highlight for me was the “yellow brick road” routine, which involved me and Tin Woman in the groove of Al Jarreau.
Helloalong a pink carpet. We presented
The geniusto an audience of family and friends in our living room. Looking back, our show’s narrative probably didn’t make much sense, but we had a blast!

Part of the joy of childhood is having permission to be a free spirit – to climb trees, build cabins, sing and dance with your friends. Play is an essential part of children’s lives, but it’s something many people fear as they get older, probably out of fear of failure. In the world of classical music, we face the challenge of balancing our pursuit of precision with…


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