PS2 games we want to play with PS5’s PlayStation Plus Premium subscription


PlayStation Plus’ new tier system is an exciting change for PlayStation fans. In addition to the PS4 and PS5 games available at the Extra tier of the plan, the third and final Premium subscription tier also includes a host of legacy titles from every console in PlayStation history.

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Naturally, a collection like this wouldn’t be complete without a wide variety of PlayStation 2 titles. lesser known hidden gems. Here are some of the PS2 games we hope to see included in PlayStation Plus Premium.

12 Okami

Okami running

The handsome and shiny Okami is a game that stands the test of time. An action RPG in the vein of 3D Legend of Zelda titles, you play as the god Amaterasu as she tries to save classic Japan from the ruler of the demons.

The game takes you to a variety of regions and environments, with different weapons and abilities aiding the otherworldly Amaterasu in his quest. With its tight and engaging gameplay, thrilling story, and beautiful world, Okami is a true classic of its time.


11 Icon

Ico Screenshot of Ico and Yorda

Ico is an adventure game starring the titular Ico, a horned young boy who is tasked with helping the young princess Yorda escape from the treacherous confines of the castle in which they both find themselves trapped.

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One of the most unique PS2 games ever made, Ico featured minimal combat, focusing on exploration as you guide Yorda through dangerous situations. The game’s unique approach to platforming, puzzle-solving, and even its minimalist storytelling style make it an experience worthy of any PlayStation fan. Its spiritual successor, Shadow of the Colossus, may have received a full PS4 remake, but Ico deserves to shine, too.

ten God of the war

God of War PS2 screenshot of Kratos floating as he powers up

There aren’t many bigger series than God of War on PlayStation. And while Kratos can embark on all-new adventures on Sony’s more modern consoles, the PlayStation Plus Premium tier is a great excuse to revisit where it all began.

In the original God of War, Kratos was still a brash Spartan warrior bent on killing Ares, the Greek deity of war, to avenge the deaths of his wife and child. While later games may have added more polish and also changed the tone of the series, PS Plus may give gamers the chance to see where it all began.

9 Street NBA Vol 2

nba street vol 2 screenshot miami heat vs chicago bulls

NBA Street Vol 2 is an arcade-style basketball game with an immaculate sense of style. From the opening credits to the unforgettable feeling of throwing a massive Gamebreaker dunk at your opponents, the game is brimming with personality and the tight, exhilarating gameplay will have you playing for hours.

Although the original NBA Street was an amazing game in its own right, Vol 2 is an absolute must-have.

8 Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII Screenshot of Vaan attacking enemies

The PlayStation 2 had no shortage of great role-playing games, and the Final Fantasy series was front and center. While Final Fantasy X was undoubtedly the flagship title, serving as an introduction to RPGs for many young gamers, Final Fantasy XII is the one that deserves a place in this catalog.

Set in the region of Ivalice, Final Fantasy XII centers on Vaan, an aspiring sky pirate, and Ashe, an escaped princess. These two roam the region, fighting against the oppressive Archadian Empire in order to prevent a full-scale war that threatens their homes. This title is one of the most unique entries in the long-running series, featuring an open-world format and the return of the working system in the form of ‘licenses’. It’s a title that should be more widely available for all RPG fans.

7 bully

intimidating screenshot of jimmy hopkins playing dodgeball

Bully is one of Rockstar’s most special games. A title on a smaller scale than their GTA or Red Dead series’, Bully puts you in the role of Jimmy Hopkins, a teenage troublemaker who has been enrolled in private school Bullworth Academy for a year. Jimmy must attend classes, rise through the social ranks at school, and explore the town of Bullworth in order to get out of his time at the academy.

A certified cult classic, Bully’s inclusion in this collection would please his sizable fan base while potentially introducing new players to the series.

6 Persona 3: FES

Persona 3 FES screenshot of the characters in battle

The Persona series has always been closely associated with PlayStation, dating back to the first Revelations: Persona on the first PlayStation. And while many of these titles hold a special place in fans’ hearts, Persona 3: FES is often touted as one of the best.

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Considered by many to be the series’ first smash hit, Persona 3 introduced many gamers to the style of the series, with its hip hop and jazz-inspired soundtrack and versatile gameplay. During the day, you’ll attend classes and socialize with friends, while you’ll spend nights exploring the mysterious dungeon that appears each day when your school strikes at midnight. Since FES is still considered one of the most complete versions of the game, this is a historical RPG that belongs in this collection.

5 Dragon Quest VIII: Voyage of the Cursed King

dragon quest viii main character screenshot and yangus with king trode

Dragon Quest VIII is another shining star in a legendary RPG series. This is the series’ first full foray into 3D. Beautiful character designs and a vast open world build on the classic RPG formula of Dragon Quest, with this entry tasking your nameless hero with saving the kingdom of Trodain from the villainous Dhoulmagus.

Dragon Quest VIII remains one of the most timeless RPGs to date.

4 Def Jam: Fight for NY

Def jam fight for New York screenshot

Def Jam: Fight For NY is an anomaly in the licensed gaming world. Featuring a roster of some of the biggest rap artists of the 90s and 2000s, Fight For NY saw Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Joe Budden and more do battle in an incredibly fun-to-play arena-style fighting game.

With a roster of 60 characters to choose from, an entertaining story mode, and tight combat controls, this is a unique game that deserves to be more accessible. No wonder even the rappers featured in the game are begging for a reboot.

Metal gear solid 3 screenshot of a snake leading sokolov across a bridge

For most of its existence, the Metal Gear Solid series has been closely associated with PlayStation. Solid Snake, the main protagonist of the series, was even considered by many to be one of the main “mascots” of the PlayStation. Excellent stealth-action titles would find their way onto early Sony consoles, but Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is arguably the most beloved of the bunch.

Set before the events of the original Metal Gear titles, Snake Eater follows the exploits of Naked Snake in the 1960s as he travels through the Soviet jungle, attempting to rescue a Russian war criminal without causing an international incident. It’s one of the most well-crafted, cinematic, and engaging PS2 titles of all time, and it’s a must-play for almost any video game fan.

2 The Warriors

the warriors screenshot

The Warriors is another licensed game based on an existing property that turned out to be much better than needed. Developed by Rockstar, the ambitious beat-em-up covers both the events of the film and never-before-seen situations the Warriors encountered months before.

With a variety of actors from the film returning to provide their character voices for the game, the title was polished and fun throughout, worth playing for fans of the film and newcomers alike.

1 Dark Cloud II

Dark Cloud 2 screenshot of Monica in battle

Few games have amassed such an adoring fan base as Dark Cloud 2. Known in Japan as the Dark Chronicle, the action-RPG combines a unique weapon-centric leveling system, a myriad of lovable characters, and hugely engaging mechanics, including world-building, fishing, and even inventing, to create a truly unique game.

Considering the game never received its much-requested sequel, showing Dark Cloud 2 some love in the new PlayStation Plus library could go a long way.

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