Pianist travels 5,000 miles to Polish border to greet crying Ukrainians


Davide Martello uses the power of music to bring unity to a time of despair.

Davide Martello is a pianist on a mission to spread goodwill and solidarity through his musical talents. His desire to use music as a way to bring comfort and unity to those in trouble has led him to travel to some of the most conflict-affected places, including Afghanistan and Istanbul.

Now, with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Martello took his personalized piano on a 15-hour journey to reach the Polish border, declaring “I just want to welcome refugees” – a welcome gesture for displaced Ukrainians as ‘they are entering a new country full of fear and anxiety for themselves, their loved ones and their homeland, as CNN shares.

The 27-year-old drove with his piano to play at the Medyka border post. His song of choice was Alphaville’s “Forever Young,” with the hope that the song’s message would reach Vladimir Putin and open his eyes to the consequences of this war.

Sweet sounds among the cannon shots

Martello’s efforts did not go unnoticed, with the refugees moved to tears. Some people took to social media to share their thoughts:

“A great gesture for people crossing the border. Beautiful music. Sounds of freedom, instead of cannon shots. While another post shared: “Touching…Beautiful…Bravo! The need for hope and beauty in our hearts… They still exist… A great way to remind us of that.

And in anothersweet gesture, a woman joined Martello on the piano and played Queen’s “We Are the Champions”.

The pianist, who has been likened to the character played by actor Adrien Brody in The pianistalso played at the crossroads of Korczowa with other moving melodies like “L’Amour Toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino.

A bespoke piano

The piano itself has been adapted to help Martello, who lives in Germany, allowing him to travel the world and give impromptu gigs wherever he stops. Initially, he had his piano placed on a specially designed trailer, but when his means of transport broke down during a trip to the United States, he had to adapt his way of getting around. He added wheels to the piano so it could be easily placed in a cart and then attached to his bicycle.

However, if you look closely, you’ll see that the piano is actually a stage piano in the shell of a grand piano, with a battery and speaker inside so its music can be heard from afar. .

Since the beginning of the war, myriad individuals and groups have tried to help those in need and have once again demonstrated the best of humanity.

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