Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix Names His 5 Best Albums of All Time


All of the musicians started out as music fans once only, including Jacoby Shaddix. In a new interview with AXS TV, the Papa Roach frontman named his Top 5 favorite albums of all time.

The segment is part of AXS TV Failed video series, where artists choose the five albums they would choose to have with them if they were stranded on an island. We recently heard Dee Snider’s five favorites, which featured Queen and Led Zeppelin, among a few others. The Twisted Sister frontman’s selections were quite different from Shaddix’s, but each artist has their own range of influences.

Shaddix may not like that Papa Roach is often thought of as a nu-metal band, but the rap-rock elements are definitely there, so it’s no surprise that Shaddix’s list of favorites includes albums from hip-hop artists, rappers and other artists who had a strong impact on the formation of the nu-metal genre. That’s not to say he’s limited to just those, though – there are a few surprises on his roster, too. And there are all the artists and records we can thank for Papa Roach’s existence today.

Check out the singer’s interview below and skip to see the list of albums he picked out below the video.

Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix Names His 5 Best Albums of All Time

Jacoby Shaddix’s 5 Favorite Albums of All Time

These are his “stranded on an island” choices.

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