Oramics announces new charity compilation for Poland-Belarus border crisis


The Polish collective Oramics publishes a charitable compilation in response to the refugee crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border.

‘Cut The Wire’, which will be released on October 11, features 21 tracks from Polish and international artists. Polish artists who contributed to the music for the release include Avtomat, Semprey and IKARVS, a member of the Oramics collective, while music by Loraine James and Octo Octa is also featured.

Proceeds from all compilation sales will go to Fundacja Ocalénie (Rescue Foundation), an organization helping migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border.

The deepening humanitarian crisis at the border sees people from the Middle East, South Asia and North and Central Africa crossing the European Union’s external border in hopes of finding refuge.

Explaining the situation, a note shared by Oramics reads: “Polish border troops are facilitating a process that is both nationally and internationally recognized as illegal, the so-called push-backs. This brutal practice pushes refugees back from Polish territory under threat from Belarusians. border patrols which then resort to the same tactics and push people back to the Polish side, so that exhausted migrants are repeatedly chased from side to side.

“The Polish border patrol continues to ignore repeated statements by refugees telling them that they want to seek international protection in Poland. This violates the law, according to which the border patrol must accept the request for protection and initiate adequate procedures and not keep these people out for weeks. Temperatures in eastern Poland are dropping day by day, leading to more deaths from hypothermia, starvation and exhaustion. “

A number of hypothermic deaths have been reported at the border in recent weeks.

You can buy the compilation here.


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