Northampton MMA Gym Vows To Make ‘Bigger Sounds’ On International Stage After Successful Battle Arena


Ahsan Ahmed (right)

A mixed martial arts gymnasium in Northampton is making “big noise” on the international stage and saying this is just the beginning as “great things are to come”.

BST Academy at Sixfields saw two in three of its amateur fighters win in front of hundreds of fight fans in the Battle Arena promotion at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium on Saturday night (13 November).

This is the last promotion where BST has been successful. The gym’s biggest achievement to date is Corby’s Jordan Vucenic, who became the Cage Warriors’ featherweight champion in march this year, which was previously owned by Conor McGregor.

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Denzel Chibondo

Saturday’s fights, which lasted for three three-minute rounds, included:

Nashwan Azziz vs. Ahsan Ahmed (BST) – Won

Nikolasz Lukacs vs. Denzel Chibondo (BST) – Won

Mush Aslani vs. Lukasz Szala (BST) – Lost

Danny batten

Battle Arena Fighting Boss James Price said: “It was great to end our 2021 season with a sold-out show. I’m really happy for Denzel Chibondo from Northampton who has become our British flyweight champion. We look forward to next year as we expand into new cities and new countries. “

Sarah Dee Battle Arena Communications Manager said: “The BST Academy brought its fans in force on Saturday. It was great to see the fighters thrive on their atmosphere and energy. “

BST Head Coach Danny Batten

After the overall successful evening, TSB head coach Danny Batten said the gym and its fighters were “going to make bigger and bigger noises.”

Lukasz Szala

Danny said: “There are decent gyms in Northampton, but I would say we’re the ones making the most noise on the international tours right now – and they’re going to get bigger and bigger.

“We obviously have something going for us here – we’ve had fighters in UFC, Bellator, Cage Warriors.

“For me, on a personal level, becoming friends with these fighters, you start to realize what it is for them – it’s so much more than just victory.

“If anyone wants to come to BST Academy, this is a really open place.”

Denzel Chibondo: “The gym has changed my life”

The biggest win of the night came from Denzel Chibondo, who won the British BattleArena flyweight title in front of many of his Northampton friends and fans.

Denzel, from Kingsley, said after the fight: “I worked really hard; this guy is a good fighter from another country but, yeah, I feel really good.

“It’s extra help [the support of his fans], and pushes me to do better. I want to make all these people proud. They all come here, they spend their money to come see me, so I have to do the hard performance for them.

“I work really hard. People don’t realize the best talent we have in Northampton.”

Denzel said that six years ago he “changed his life” by going to BST to train.

The 27-year-old said: “The gym has helped me, it has changed my life.

“For me, since I started going to the gym my life started to improve and I had a very positive mindset because of it.

“I’ve been training for six years. It took me three years to get good, then the last three years I’ve been in and, yes, I’m fine.

“People look up to me now. I would like people to follow in my footsteps and just come and practice and see how it goes.”

Denzel has said he now hopes to compete for a European title or an amateur world title.

Ahsan Ahmed: “UFC is the main goal”

Another impressive performance and victory for BST came from 20-year-old Ahsan Ahmed, who beat Nashwan Azziz with a kicking attack in the legs.

Ahsan said: “It was out of this world [to win]. It was great. Although I like the feeling of winning, I am happy but not satisfied. I will resume training on Monday, I want to come back to this title race. ”

The former Kingsthorpe College student said he had been training for about six years and was aiming for the big time.

Ahsan said: “I started training twice a week when I was 14/15, but I started training regularly at 17, all at BST.

“Once I got into MMA well, my trainer Raymond watched me grow up and said, ‘you know you can have a future with that’, I said ‘really? So I went there and here I am.

“Going to the UFC is the main goal. I know it’s just an amateur fight, but the end goal is really to be a UFC champion someday, but it’s is in the future.

“I have small goals, I want to win amateur titles, win belts, work to be a professional, get into Cage Warriors, after this UFC, then a competitor’s shot and a UFC belt. That’s what I want. . ”

Lukasz Szala: “I just needed one more round”

The main event of the night saw BST’s Lukasz Szala take on Mush Aslani.

The Szala team were strong in terms of fan support, but ‘The Polish Hammer’ narrowly missed the win.

Speaking after the fight, Lukasz, 29, said: “I feel great. I needed one more round for a win, but what can I do, what can I say? is not a waste, it is experience.I will be back and show what I do best.

“Thanks to everyone who supports me. The Polish hammer will be back soon.”


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