Nina Dobrev swears by this long-lasting brow gel


As Nina Dobrev revealed to Seduceshe first fills in her eyebrows with the Roen Vow Brow Pencil (available at Saks Fifth Avenue), before reaching Benefit Cosmetics 24-HR Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel. This last product helps to style and sculpt her eyebrows. In addition, he has an incredible outfit. “It’s a brow gel that really stays on for a while, which I like because I’ve been known to jump in a pool or two at a party,” Dobrev told Allure. As for her technique, she begins by “brushing them up”, then “holding[ing] “The good thing about this product is that the brush is very precise, so you can really manipulate every hair if there’s one you don’t like,” she added.

Unsurprisingly, Dobrev has great taste, as Allure is also a big fan of this 24-hour brow setter.”[It] probably has the firmest hold of any brow gel [I’ve] never tried,” New York-based makeup artist Tobi Henney told the publication. Byrdie love this long-lasting gel, especially if you’re the type who struggles with crazy brows. “The dual-sided brush features short bristles on one side for sculpting and shaping bristles, and longer bristles on the other,” the outlet writes. Additionally, She calls Clear Brow Gel “the magical equivalent of topcoat nail polish” for perfectly defined brows. If you’re not ready to commit to full size, you can snag a mini version for $14.


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