Moonfall, 7 new Netflix movies and everything you can watch at home


This weekend moon fallthe latest sci-fi disaster movie independence day director Roland Emmerich, is finally available for rental on VOD. If a movie about a celestial body crashing into Earth doesn’t sound like your idea of ​​a fun Friday movie, don’t worry; we have many more new VOD and streaming releases to choose from.

This week’s picks include Bubblethe new romantic post-apocalyptic sci-fi animated film from The attack of the Titans director Tetsurō Araki; sequel to the polish-italian erotic drama of 2020 365 days; South African historical drama Silverton Headquarters; and four other new movies are available to stream on Netflix. The romantic comedy for teens Crush with Rowan Blanchard (A shortcut in time) is streaming on Hulu, while the biographical sports drama The survivor with Ben Foster (Against all odds) is available to watch on HBO Max. Complete that with the release of the psychological thriller 2022 The Aviary on VOD and you have a weekend of new entertainment to watch.

To help you get to grips with what’s new and what’s available, here are the new movies you can watch on streaming and VOD this weekend.

moon fall

Where to watch: Available to rent for $5.99 on Apple, AmazonVudoo

Image: Lionsgate

Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster epic tells you exactly what you need to know, right on the box: The moon, she’s falling. With an ensemble cast including Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Michael Peña and Donald Sutherland, moon fall is a bit of a throwback to a time when disaster movies were a more fashionable blockbuster genre.

In our opinion:

Emmerich made a name for himself as one of the last great kings of disaster film. The genre that made him famous, via films like independence day and Two days later, fell out of favor, as cinematic destruction largely became the domain of superhero movies. moon fall is a return to that kind of show, but it’s one that makes a terrible case for the return of the genre. Which is unfortunate, because moon fall is a killer title/premise combo, the kind of cinematic cheese that makes blockbuster fans rave about the sheer madness (sorry) of it all.


Where to watch: Available to stream on netflix

Uta singing surrounded by a shower of bubbles in Bubble (2022).

Picture: Wit Studio/Netflix

The attack of the Titans director Tetsurō Araki, writer Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), character designer Takeshi Obata (Death threat), and composer Hiroyuki Sawano (Promare) team up for a contemporary riff on Hans Christian Andersen The little Mermaid with Bubble, the latest Netflix original animated feature produced by Wit Studio. Set in an alternate universe where Tokyo has been cut off from the outside world as a result of gravity-defying bubbles raining down from the sky, the film follows the story of Hibiki, an introverted teenager and post-apocalyptic parkour enthusiast who falls from a roof only to be saved by Uta, a mysterious girl with miraculous powers.

In our opinion:

Bubble is at its best when it comes to the psychology of its main character, rather than the dramatically inert menace of angry magic bubbles. It sheds more light on its cast when it’s not about its ridiculous “Tokyo Battlekour” rivalries. And the film’s conclusion is beautiful, no matter how shapeless the underlying ideas are. This is a beautifully animated animated film where the Little Mermaid learns parkour. This commitment to the anime tradition of taking literary adaptations in completely unexpected directions has got to count for something.


Where to watch: Available to stream on Hulu

Paige (Rowan Blanchard) and AJ (Auli'i Cravalho) in a neon-lit room in Crush (2022)

Picture: Hulu

When budding entertainer Paige (Rowan Blanchard) joins her high school track team in order to be closer to her longtime crush Gabrielle (Isabella Ferreira), she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to her teammate instead. AJ (Auli’i Cravalho). As the two grow closer, Paige will be faced with the difficult decision of not only who she wants to be with, but also what she wants from a relationship.

365 days: this day

Where to watch: Available to stream on netflix

Massimo (Michele Morrone) gives Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) a huge erotic chin licking in the hot tub in 365 Days: This Day

Picture: Netflix

365 days: this day skims the cliffhanger of the 2020 Polish-Italian erotic drama, as the budding marriage of Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and her former abductor-turned-lover, Massimo (Michele Morrone), is threatened not only by Massimo’s crime family but a rival love interest who will stop at nothing to seduce Laura for himself. How does it compare to the original?

In our opinion:

Stripped of the problematic premise of the first film, This day is easier to enjoy as a guilt-free camp. There are mature, tasteless moments of abandonment that are absolutely hilarious, either intentionally or (more likely) not. The white Lamborghini bride. The honeymoon game of sex golf, where Laura dances on the green flag, then spreads his legs to invite Massimo’s putt. Chains that have “fuck me” embossed on them in gold. The extraordinary display of glasses throughout, as Massimo and Laura mask their puckered pouts, constipated frowns and grimacing sex faces in ever more extravagant assemblages of stained glass. (Talk about 50 shades.)

Kongsi Raya

Where to watch: Available to stream on netflix

The Malaysian comedy-drama of 2022 Kongsi Raya follows Jack (Wilson Lee) and Sharifah, a Chinese chef and Malaysian television producer whose budding romance is snuffed out by their long-time feuding fathers. As the two fathers challenge each other to a televised cooking duel, the couple are forced to find a solution to settle the feud and save their future together.

Silverton Headquarters

Where to watch: Available to stream on netflix

A woman brandishes an AK-47 outside a bank in Silverton Siege.

Picture: Netflix

Based on a true story, the 2022 South African historical drama Silverton Headquarters follows the story of three young freedom fighters who hold a South African bank hostage in exchange for the release of Nelson Mandela.

The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Unreleased Tapes

Where to watch: Available to stream on netflix

A file photo of Marilyn Monroe kissing Arthur Miller on their wedding day in The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes.

Picture: Netflix

The Netflix documentary attempts to trace the events that led to the tragic death of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe and the tangle of conspiracies that erupted in the decades following her passing. Reconstructed from previously unreleased recordings of Monroe and those close to her, The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Unreleased Tapes is both a memorial and an inquest into one of the most scrutinized celebrity deaths in American history.

honeymoon with my mother

Where to watch: Available to stream on netflix

Husband (Carmen Machi) and adult son José Luís (Quim Gutiérrez) wearing flower lei necklaces in Honeymoon With My Mother.

Picture: Netflix

When he is dumped at the altar, José Luís (Quim Gutiérrez) is coaxed by his overbearing mother, Mari (Carmen Machi), into going on his honeymoon with her anyway so as not to waste money. Every moment José feels increasingly unhappy and exhausted, his mother is having the best time of her life. Blown away by this new side of his mother’s personality, José strives to learn from her how to make the best of a bad situation.


Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

Jonas Holdenrieder as a young Amish wearing a bicycle helmet in Rumspringa (2022).

Picture: Netflix

The German coming-of-age comedy of 2022 Rumspringa follows a young Amish (Jonas Holdenrieder) who embarks on a rite of passage journey through Berlin in search of the life he has never known outside of the church. As he discovers everything the city has to offer, from parties and romance to new friends and adventure, he will have to choose between what more life has to offer.

The survivor

Where to watch: Available to stream on HBO Max

Ben Foster as boxer Harry Haft in The Survivor.

Picture: HBO

Directed by Barry Levinson (Father, The magician of lies), The survivor dramatizes the real-life story of Harry Haft (Ben Foster), a former Auschwitz prisoner-turned-professional boxer searching for his lost love while struggling with lingering guilt over his reluctant complicity in the Nazi spectacle of barbarism.

i love america

Where to watch: Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

Image: Amazon Prime Video

A divorced French filmmaker (Sophie Marceau) feels liberated by the death of her mother and decides to cross the Atlantic, going from Paris to Los Angeles, in this romantic comedy.

The Aviary

Where to watch: Available to rent for $6.99 on AmazonApple and Vudu

Chris Messina as cult leader Seth wearing a bizarre geometric mask in The Aviary (2022).

Picture: Saban Films

Malin Akerman and Lorenza Izzo star in 2022 psychological thriller The Aviary like Jillian and Blair, two women who flee the deserts of New Mexico together to escape the clutches of an insidious cult known as Skylight. Plagued by malevolent visions of Skylight’s leader, Seth (Chris Messina), the pair grow increasingly suspicious of each other as the journey to freedom and safety becomes increasingly arduous. Is there hope for them to escape Seth’s influence, or are they doomed to return to the fold of his flock?


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