MMA Fighter Leaves Two Opponents Lying On Mat After Winning 2v1 Fight


A mixed martial arts fighter left both opponents sprawled on the mat on Saturday night after winning a 2v1 bout.

Alan Kwiecinski did light work on reality stars Jakub Lasik and Rafal Pazik in their one-off fight at the first-ever Prime MMA event in Poland this weekend.

The promotion was created last year and is billed as offering monster fights as well as fights involving celebrities.

Saturday night’s card featured 12 fights in total, including the “face of the organization” taking on an actor and two YouTubers meeting inside the Octagon for the main event.

Alan Kwiecinski faced two reality TV stars at once in Prime MMA

Kwiecinski managed to drop both of his opponents in the first round, leaving them rolling to the mat as the referees began the count.

There was still a minute and a half left when he dropped the former with a headbutt before knocking the other out with a punch as they rushed at him.

The 29-year-old had a significant weight advantage over the pair as he weighed 85kg, while Lasik and Pazik weighed in at 77kg and 69kg respectively.

However, they were all about the same height, with Lasik actually 4cm taller than Kwiecinski, who now has a 2-3 professional record.

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First MMA
Alan Kwiecinski left his two opponents on the mat inside the first round

Lasik had previously competed in an MMA event, losing his only previous fight, while this was Pazik’s debut inside the cage.

The duo had previously appeared on the Polish reality show “Love Palace”.

There had been some brutal scenes inside the cage earlier in the event, with the opening fight between Pawel Pelski and Sergius Hare turning into a bloody affair.

Hare won the fight via third-round technical knockout after leaving Pelski gushing with blood as he received repeated blows to the head.

After being wrestled to the ground by his opponent, Pelski appeared unresponsive as he was unable to shield himself.

Oddly, the referee didn’t stop the fight when his gumshield was knocked out, instead pausing the fight to hand it to him before resuming the fight.


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