Men Who Get Manicures Are Slowly Challenging Beauty Stereotypes


Women are no longer the only ones painting their nails yellow, red or black, or getting a stylish French manicure. In fact, manicures are now also something men enjoy – as are facials, waxing or hair care routines – further blurring the lines between the genders.

For a while now, men’s makeup hasn’t been seen as a niche trend, even though it’s more prevalent on social media than on the streets.

But the movement has been growing steadily for a few weeks now, with a real craze for manicures.

And if rappers, singers and other famous actors seem to have set the tone, it is now a whole generation of men who are stepping up to show that colored and manicured nails are no longer (only) a woman’s affair.

Expression and assertiveness

No more rules, restrictions and other stereotypes… Beauty, like fashion, is gradually becoming a form of self-expression, which interests women as much as men.

One could even say that it is once again becoming a means of expression – as it already was in antiquity – which has gradually transformed into a practice considered feminine, more or less exclusively, despite the best efforts of artists. and celebrities from David Bowie to Johnny Depp, who dabbled in more androgynous looks.

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But 2022 appears to be a turning point, with a real blurring of the boundaries between genres, especially in the cosmetics industry.

Last March, the online beauty booking platform Treatwell unveiled a survey reflecting these changes.

The survey showed that three in 10 French men were willing to get a manicure and pedicure, and manicures were one of the most popular services for men.

The specialized site also noted a 23% increase in nail care before the holiday season. All in all, these figures suggest that these services respond well to the new demands of men.

Harry Styles, Lil Nas X and Co.

From catwalks to red carpets, from the music industry to street styles, the manicure has recently become part of the routine of some celebrities, helping to popularize the care of men’s nails around the world – or almost. .

And we are not talking about black nails – often the standard of the punk or grunge look – but about colored nails or nails adorned with all kinds of patterns.

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As often, Harry Styles emerges as one of the leaders in this field, often posing or stepping out with perfectly manicured and painted nails.

But he is not alone. ASAP Rocky, Lil Nas X, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny, Pete Davidson, Jared Leto, Marc Jacobs and Machine Gun Kelly are among the many men who have taken the plunge, making numerous appearances with fingernails painted in different colors.

The latter even launched his own brand of unisex nail polish, UN/DN LAQR, testifying to the enthusiasm for this trend which is not about to fade, quite the contrary.

An evolution that reminds us that gender stereotypes are slowly but surely collapsing. – AFP Relax News


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