Martyn Ford details Dillian Whyte’s advice ahead of Iranian Hulk fight



Ford has spoken about the influence of talks with heavyweight star Whyte on preparing for his boxing debut using his fighting style as ‘inspiration’ due to their similarities

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Martyn Ford shows off her workout routine at the gym

Martyn Ford took Dillian Whyte’s advice ahead of his boxing debut.

The British star will make his boxing debut in a strongman clash against Iranian rival Hulk at the O2 Arena in April.

Ford is known for his fitness career with more than three million social media followers and is friends with the likes of Eddie Hall and Glory Kickboxing star Rico Verhoeven.

Ford explained the impact of talking to Whyte due to “similarities” in their fighting styles and was also asked to train with Frazer Clarke.

“Over the past six to 12 months I’ve had some phenomenal friends in my life, boxing-wise, I have Dillian who I’ve spoken to from time to time,” Ford said. Battle Mirror .

Dillian Whyte is waiting for a world title in the heavyweight division


Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing)

“He’s a huge inspiration to me because he’s always been so tough and ready, in your face, hungry and fighting for the fight. He’s someone I can look up to and find a lot of similarities.

“Rico (Verhoeven) is a great friend of mine. Glory heavyweight champion and kickboxer, he’s on the phone almost every day. I should be in Holland right now, so I have a lot to do. I have legitimate professional world champions who give me time and guidance that I can go train with.

“Frazer Clarke, who I spoke to recently in Loughborough, is over there and coming to do some work. All of these huge athletes are way better than where I would be, but the energy that I can take from that and implement into my fight game.

“But it’s going to be a hell of a lot of explosions and fireworks. You have to remember I’m 23 stone 6’7 and powerful, we’re going to bring fireworks to the table. That going to be stuffed with hunger and aggression.”

Ford has no previous experience in the boxing ring but has trained frequently in mixed martial arts.

Who will win – Martyn Ford or “Iranian Hulk”? Let us know your prediction in the comments section below.

The event against Sajad Gharibi was supposed to take place since 2018 after Ford signed for Polish MMA promotion KSW, but a fight did not materialize.

However, the fight will now take place in the boxing ring which will be promoted by the famous boxing label Boxstar.

Although he also has a career in film and television, Ford sees his future continuing in fighting and sees a future to compete in both the iron square and the cage.

“Yeah 100%. For me, MMA is something I want to test myself in and I’ve spoken to KSW before and it’s something they’re more than happy to link up with,” Ford continued.

“I love the idea of ​​the Boxstar, so if it’s a collaboration, one on and another. We’ll see what happens, but there’s definitely growth for me in both areas. As long as I can have opponents, I feel like I have four or five years of sharpness in me.

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