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Mariusz Pudzianowski, also known as “Pudzian” and “Dominator”, has accumulated titles in Strongman competitions and MMA championships and is now also a successful entrepreneur. Born in Biala Rawska, Poland, into a family of weightlifters, Pudzianowski quickly turned to sports and found his place in Strongman competitions and MMA.

Pudzianowski started boxing and weight training when he was still a teenager. At the age of 16, he participated in a Polish weightlifting championship. Since then, his career has continued more and more.

Pudzianowski’s career as a strongman

Pudzianowski participated in his first Strongman competition in 1999 in Plock, Poland. A year later, in 2000, he had his first professional success at the international level in the World’s Strongest Man 2000 competition. During this competition, he finished fourth in his very first WSM competition. Unfortunately, Pudzianowski was then jailed for assault for 19 months and his strongman career was delayed.

After his time in prison, Pudzianowski triumphantly returned to the world’s strongest man contest in 2002 and won his very first title – a title he retained in the world’s strongest man contest. in 2003. In that competition, he broke a record retaining his title by the largest margin ever in the World’s Strongest Man competition.

He continued to break records every year until the 2009 World’s Strongest Man Competition, where he placed second behind Zydunas Savickas. After this competition, Pudzianowski decided to change direction and instead pursue a career in MMA.

Pudzianowski achieved a number of impressive personal bests in the World’s Strongest Man competition. His personal best for the bench press is 290 kilograms or 640 pounds, his personal best for the squats is 380 kilograms or 840 pounds, and finally his personal best for the deadlift is 415 kilograms or 915 wild pounds.

As a strong man, he also racked up a number of professional records. His professional competition record included 42 firsts, seven seconds and four thirds out of a total of 59 events. Its performance metric stands at .964.

Pudzianowski and MMA

In 2009, Pudzianowski signed a contract with a Polish MMA organization to start fighting. He made his debut as an MMA fighter a few months later in December 2009 in a fight against Marcin Najman. Pudzianowski won the fight quite easily after a lethal series of low kicks followed by punches that easily knocked out Marcin Najman.

After this first success, Pudzianowski continued to fight successfully. In 2010, he participated in the Moosin: God of Martial Arts event, where he lost a fight against Tim Sylvia. He then fought against James Thompson in 2011 and lost again, this time by arm triangle. Following these losses, he participated in America’s most famous MMA camp, American Top Team.

The additional training he received at the American Top Team seems to have benefited Pudzianowski greatly as he started winning more and more games, especially against Bob Sapp, Oli Thompson, Pawel Nastula, Rolles Gracie Jr., Jay Silva, James Thompson and former bodybuilder Erko. June

Pudzianowski is still an active MMA fighter and he faced KSW 1 tournament winner Lukasz Jurkowski this summer where he won in the third round. He’s definitely getting older, but it’s still exciting to watch Pudzianowski as he has a unique and intense fighting style – and you never know how the match is going to turn out.

A fighter and a businessman

Pudzianowski is not only a successful fighter, he is also an enterprising businessman who has launched a solo career in the online gambling industry. Game production company Promatic Online launched Pudzianator in 2019 and is its first branded game.

The game is filled with symbols that offer players the chance to earn different bonuses, some of which feature Pudzianowski himself. Symbols include Big Win, Huge Win, and Mega Win. The game also offers a number of options for winning scatter games.

The game can be played on desktop or mobile apps, including Windows, Apple, and Android, and has launched in over 24 different languages. The Pudzianator can be found at the most popular online casinos, such as Genesis Casino.

It was a smart business decision by Pudzianowski to enter the online gaming industry. It is currently a growing industry with dozens of new online casinos launched each year and hundreds of different casino games released. Pudzianowski certainly has a number of different business interests, and you shouldn’t be surprised to see more of him in the future.

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