Fox News provides details on how Benjamin Hall was evacuated – Deadline


Fox News provided more details on how correspondent Benjamin Hall, seriously injured in Ukraine, was evacuated from the area, across the border to Poland and eventually to a hospital in Germany.

Last week, cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova, who worked as a freelance consultant for the network, were killed when their vehicle was hit by a fire near kyiv. Hall was with them as they reported on the Russian invasion, and he is recovering at Landstuhl Medical Center.

In a segment on Monday, anchor Dana Perino thanked Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the Polish and Ukrainian armed forces for their assistance, as well as the group Save Our Allies. It was formed last year in response to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan amid the US pullout, as a way to mobilize quickly to rescue Americans and other allies behind the border.

In Hall’s case, Fox News turned to the band for help getting Hall out of the country, said Sarah Verardo, one of the band’s co-founders.

She told Perino that “we couldn’t move fast enough to make sure that Ben not only got his extraction, but he was stabilized through field medicine by our team which is also led by trauma surgeons, experienced in the military battlefield trauma, as well as our team of special operations veterans and intelligence community veterans.

She said their team was led by a special ops and intelligence veteran, whom she called Seaspay.

“And so they left no stone unturned to move Ben not only quickly out of an active and hostile combat zone, but safely because of his serious condition and his injuries,” a- she declared. No further details were provided, but a Fox News spokesperson said the group helped smuggle Hall from Ukraine to the Polish border. Fox News reported Wednesday that Hall was out of the country and “alert and in good spirits.”

In the interview, Verardo also credited a longtime relationship with the network, as she is also CEO of the Independence Fund, which helps seriously injured veterans.

Save Our Allies was founded with fellow special ops veterans Chad Robichaux, Nick Palmisciano and Tim Kennedy, the mixed martial arts fighter and TV host. Verardo said they are also focusing on assistance in Ukraine, including efforts to get people out and provide mobile medical services.

Fox News host Trace Gallagher said such assistance is “vital” given that no US troops are involved in the war and journalists are not embedded in the military.

Jennifer Griffin, national security correspondent for the network, wrote on Twitter: “We would also like to thank the team of extraordinary American military doctors and surgeons from Benjamin Hall at Landstuhl Hospital in Germany. No better team in the world. So grateful for the care and assistance the U.S. Army provided Benjamin at the request of Secretary of Defense Austin.


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