Female strawweight fights male heavyweight in MMA shift


Aleksandra Stepakova and Grigory Chistyakov stunned the crowd when they entered the cage to face each other at another Epic Fighting Championship event in Russia.

Not only was there the obvious gender issue, but there was also a significant weight difference between the two fighters.

Chistyakov, a heavyweight with little professional experience in the sport, cast a huge shadow over his strawweight opponent.

In footage shared on social media, the pair can be seen going at it, with neither fighter holding back.

Despite being by far the smaller fighter, Stepakova was able to use her agility and speed to her advantage.

But not only did she hold the course, but she was also able to deliver a number of heavy blows to Chistyakov’s legs and head.

Stepakova fought in one professional bout before that – losing a third-round TKO to Daria Bankina at Opiot Challenge 112 in Moscow.

The struggle between the sexes took place in Russia. Credit: Twitter/Epic Fighting Championship

For his part, Chistyakov has previously faced flyweight Darina Mazdyuk in another gender shift in weight. She dropped it in 90 seconds.

If you think the above is weird, wait.

The fight, which took place at a hotel in the Polish town of Czestochowa, ended with punches to the face, which one onlooker described as “horrific”.

Competitor Ula Siekacz is an arm wrestler and fitness instructor.

Although she showed off her bulging muscles online, she was no match for Piotr ‘Mua Boy’ Lisowski – a beauty brand ambassador who describes himself as “185cm of pure sex”.

A video of the match ended up making the rounds on social media, in which the pair can be seen sizing each other up in what started out as a fairly tame first round.

An intergender MMA fight has been criticized online after a woman was badly beaten by her male opponent.  Credit: MMA-VIP
An intergender MMA fight has been criticized online after a woman was badly beaten by her male opponent. Credit: MMA-VIP

However, Mua Boy lands a few punches to Siekacz’s face before she catches her breath and launches into a takedown, only for it to backfire in brutal fashion.

Mua Boy manages to flip Siekacz onto her back and pin her down. Although she attempts to retaliate with several punches to the male fighter’s head, he responds by putting his knee to her chest and delivering a series of punches to her face.

It’s not pretty to look at at all.

The blows were so violent that the referee was forced to intervene and award the victory to Mua Boy.


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