Fans of RTE star Mairead Ronan are all saying the same thing about life-changing home hacks for kids messes


Fans of RTE star Mairead Ronan were all saying the same thing about life-changing home hacks to help clean up kids’ messes.

The Ireland’s Fittest Family presenter shared a picture of her daughter Bonnie, who looked sheepish after writing all over cupboards with a marker.


Mairead shared a photo of her daughter drawing on the cupboardsCredit: Instagram
Mairead's supporters gave her advice on how to remove the marks


Mairead’s supporters gave her advice on how to remove the marksCredit: Instagram

The Dublin native, 41, shared the photo with her Instagram followers and said: “Apparently it’s called ‘art.’ I just wish Bonnie would stick with chalk.

“My options are: Brillo dab, Cif, nail polish remover, leave it alone (it’s the new Banksy)”.

Luckily for Mairead, her followers included savvy mums who had some life-changing suggestions for the star.

Nuala told the presenter to use a spray of sunscreen and apply it directly to the marked areas and wipe it off.

She described this method as a “game changer”.

A woman called Shauna, from Kerry, who goes by on Instagram previously revealed the sunscreen trick that will save everyone a lot of tears and tantrums.

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In his video, after three sprays, the marker instantly disappeared and then was completely erased, leaving behind a clean wall.

Another mum suggested using baby wipes and enthusiastically vowed to “delete everything”.

Anne added: “The antibacterial wipes from Lidl are very good. I too have a graffiti artist in the making”.

Others suggested toothpaste, hair spray and The Pink Stuff – a cleaning paste that can be applied to surfaces with a sponge or cloth.

Colette commented, “I read recently that hairspray is good for removing ink? She’s super cute and a great artist.”

Helen wrote: ‘Toothpaste definitely works’.


Erika added, “Hand sanitizer is great for removing marks like this.”

Many of her followers also supported Magic Eraser sold in Home Store and More and shaving foam to remove permanent marker.

While other followers have taken a simpler route by suggesting just water and a sponge as Brid said: “Maireread all you need is a sponge, soak it in water, not no sprays or chemicals. It works a treat, trust me.”

Some parents chose to leave the marks there and told Mairead that she would miss the girl’s art when she got older.

Emer said, “I gave up until the kids were bigger! Keep your fights! They’ve only been tiny for so long”.

Fiona commented: “If it’s the playroom I’d leave it alone because they only get that age once and that’s cute.”


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