Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North is available now


Paradox Interactive has announced that the Baltic-themed expansion for Europa Universalis IV, Lions of the North is available now.

Highlights of Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North include:

  • Expanded Branching Missions: Decisions made along certain mission trees will determine the options available to you in the future, allowing you to follow distinct and radically different alternate paths.
  • New Mission Trees for Denmark: Maintain power in Scandinavia while expanding your influence over northern German cities.
  • New Mission Trees for Sweden and Norway: Break free from Danish rule and turn a foothold on the continent into a base for a Northern empire.
  • New mission trees for the Teutonic Order, Livonian Order and Riga: Follow the path of religious fanaticism or secularize your kingdom with an eye on the future.
  • New Mission Trees for Poland, Lithuania, and the Commonwealth: Vast lands on the border between East and West present unique challenges for ambitious leaders.
  • Other changes to the mission tree: Pirate Kings of Gotland, unique options for United Scandinavia, Free Finland, and Mighty Danzig.
  • New Government Reforms and Succession Privileges: Certain regional powers will have unique government options and new ways to court the favor and influence of local successions.
  • New Units: Swedish Carolean Infantry and Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars will be available for recruitment.
  • New Unit Art: 35 new army sprites for regional powers.
  • New Music: 3 new Scandinavian music tracks, plus 3 more Baltic themed songs.

For nearly a decade, Europa Universalis IV has encouraged players to explore new and exciting alternate histories of the modern world. In the new Immersion Pack, Lions of the North, starkly different pasts can unfold before your eyes. Denmark can keep its grip on its northern subjects. The Teutonic Order can fall back on its past crusader glories. Gotland can become a pirate’s paradise.

All of these dramatic “what ifs” are now available in Europa Universalis IV’s new Baltic Sea-themed add-on. With branching missions, new government options for key players, and even new military units, Lions of the North is packed with variety and excitement. Make your enemies hear your roar!

Lions of the North is also bringing a major update to the main game which will be free, but the expansion is priced at $14.99/£11.39/€14.99.

Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North is available now on PC.

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