Does Timothée Chalamet have tattoos?


Image source: Getty / Karwai Tang

Timothée Chalamet may not be new to the acting scene, but his upcoming film, ‘Bones and All,’ which hits the big screen in November, has people wondering everything about him, including his whether or not he has tattoos.

Although we’ve seen Chalamet reveal parts of his body for movies, there’s not much known if he has permanent ink or not. After appearing in an SNL skit in 2021 with famed tattooed comedian Pete Davidson, questions began to arise about whether Chalamet had tattoos himself. In the skit, Chalamet and Davidson act as SoundCloud rappers who have a reputation for being covered in tattoos and dyeing their hair bright colors. Although most of Davidson’s tattoos in the track are actually his own, Chalamet’s skin was littered with fake tattoos up and down his arms and even one on his face. None, however, appeared to be real.

Despite this fact, it seems that Chalamet deeply appreciates the work of art permanently integrated into other people’s skin. A few months ago, the actor posted a fan’s tattoo on his own Instagram story. The tattoo symbolizes a forest spirit from the movie “Princess Mononoke”, which is a Studio Ghibli movie.

Some fans even his face tattooed on it. At the premiere of “The King” in 2019, a fan stopped Chalamet to show him his tattoo from his role in “Call Me by Your Name.” Seeing it, Chalamet looked at her breathlessly and then did what no one thought he would do: he took the arm of the fan in his hands and kissed the drawing. In an interview with iD, she said: “It was completely unexpected! As soon as I saw him reach for my arm and kiss it, my first reaction was to pat his head. It was a action so spontaneous, sweet and loving it melts my heart!I still can’t believe it.

Chalamet clearly appreciates beauty as a form of self-expression – he’s been spotted sporting cool ear piercings, shiny nail polish and perfectly tousled hair – so who’s to say getting a tattoo isn’t on the cards. For now, though, it looks like he lives without ink.


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