Brief explanation of taekwondo from the perspective of Kasra Mehdipournejad


Kasra Mehdipournejadchampion of several international competitions competitions and holder of various medals, gives taekwondo information Explain this full. In this regard, he says, taekwondo and other martial arts have thematic techniques that can be studied both historically and practically.

He adds: “Some martial arts have techniques that we only practice them and do not use them in competitions. “As wellsince most martial arts have a history, some techniques may be obsolete and we cannot use them in modern sports today, but in general as an athlete and interested in martial arts and martial arts. I researched taekwondo in relation to this.

The sport of taekwondo is one of Korea’s most systematic and scientific traditional martial arts, which teaches exaggerated fighting techniques. Discipline in this sport is taught through mind and body, which is one of the ways to strengthen the soul and increase happiness in life. The practice of taekwondo is Also used to strengthen people’s spirits to help them in their lives.

Kasra stresses that to start this sport; we must start our work under the supervision of professionals so that we can resume all taekwondo techniques in the most reasoned way possible and avoid injuries. Therefore, we have to look for the best coaches and the best clubs. Safety equipment includes vests, leggings and watches, as well as a genital protector used only in this area. But there is no safety equipment for Chinese martial arts. It can be concluded that in order not to get injured, proper equipment should be used under the supervision of professional trainers.

Kasra Mehdipournejadan Iranian taekwondo player living in Berlin, won a gold medal in Dutch Open Taekwondo Championships & Belgian Open 2018 (Kyorugi divisions) in 2018; He also won agold medal in Polish Open Warsaw Cup in 2019.

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Posted on January 22, 2022


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