12 moon nail designs to express your love for all things lunar


The last supermoon of the year may have already passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel the moon on your next manicure. Megan Thee Stallion’s galactic nails says it all: celestial-inspired looks are in, and moon nail art is absolutely included in that.

“The sky-related aesthetic is really important right now, and there are so many ways to incorporate celestial designs into existing nail art,” the celebrity nail artist says. Britney Boyce said NYLON. “You can easily add a star or a crescent moon to a really cool French tip for a little accent.”

Boyce, who is the founder of NAILS OF THE, also recommend using decals to get clean and well-designed art on your nails. “You can apply them over a nude base, a shimmer base, or even incorporate it into another nail art. Play around with the decal locations,” she suggests. “You can just add a star or a moon on one nail, or you can add several to create a pattern.”

There are a thousand and one ways to show your love for the universe on your nails. The best part is, as Boyce said, moon nail art can be added over any base nail, from a matte polish base to a nude base. The possibilities are endless with moon nail art, but here are 12 looks to inspire you out of this world.

Moon Nail Art

If you like small details, try this manicure that combines trendy wavy nails with small celestial accents, including a pretty golden moon.

Or, if you prefer to show off your stars completely, try this neutral nail look that uses a metallic gold polish to have your mani facing entirely towards the moon.

Try playing with dead space with this nail look, which combines flames and a clever take on the French manicure to create an eye-catching moon look.

If mattes are faster, choose a bold nail color to use as a base coat for this moon manicure. Add even more interest to the look by playing around with the shapes and sizes of your celestial details.

Add sparkle to your nails with a glossy black base color to mimic the night sky. Layer moon and star accents on one or two nails to complete the look.

Metallic celestial focal points are a great way to incorporate the moon design into your next manicure. Use your favorite color as a base and use metallic polish to add the finishing touch.

A monochromatic ombre is an easy way to add lunar images to your nails without going overboard. Play with opposite colors on each hand to make it your own.

Include the sun in your nail look by replicating this matte mani. To try it yourself, add the sun and moon on opposite hands to create a symmetrical design and complete the look with stars all over your nails.

Try color blocking with your next manicure! This look uses two polishes to create crisp sections of color on some nails and emphasizes moon nail art on others.

Get super intricate with these ultra-fine moon details on a neutral base nail. Add matte black French tips to further spice up the look.

Use silver and gold metals to achieve that starry look on an otherwise neutral nail. Play with shapes and celestial bodies for added interest.

Want to use your nails as an art form? Try this mani, which combines flowers, the moon, and holographic polish for a really eye-catching look.


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